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New Jersey Consumer Protection Defense Lawyer

Our consumer protection defense lawyers have represented receivables management and collection businesses in consumer disputes involving single claimants and proposed multi-party actions under various federal and state consumer protection laws, including the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and a host of state laws.

These and other consumer protection laws impose countless restrictions – many of which are hopelessly ambiguous – on such businesses, as well as onerous penalties for violations of those restrictions. Our New York & New Jersey consumer protection defense lawyers provide proactive compliance measures and reactive mitigation strategies to our clients confronted with such challenges.

Additionally, these laws and court decisions construing them afford such businesses with specific, often narrow defenses that require experience in and familiarity with this practice area. Our knowledge of those defenses has enabled us to litigate disputes successfully and efficiently.

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