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Under New Jersey law, a person commits insurance fraud by knowingly making false or misleading statements or by omitting material facts from information provided to an insurance company. This can include any information provided during or after the application process:

  • Providing false or misleading information on an application or renewal for an insurance policy
  • Lying to an insurance company regarding a claim under the terms of a policy
  • Providing false information on any other affidavit or certification relating to an insurance transaction

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Insurance Fraud – A serious crime in NJ

Insurance fraud is a serious crime, carrying a sentence as lengthy as 10 years in prison. New Jersey is serious about insurance fraud prosecution and established the Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor to oversee insurance fraud prevention and prosecution throughout New Jersey. This office operates a 24-hour insurance fraud tip line and offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to an insurance fraud arrest.

For high-profile professionals whose success depends on their reputation, allegations of insurance fraud can be devastating. Charges of insurance fraud or other types of white-collar crimes can irreparably harm your good name.

Other insurance fraud defense attorneys may provide a competent defense against fraud and other white-collar charges but the insurance fraud attorneys of Arseneault & Fassett, LLC go even farther. Our attorneys take aggressive steps to prevent or minimize the damage that can occur outside the courtroom. We understand how hard our clients have worked to build their reputations. That is why our New Jersey white-collar criminal attorneys take a hard line with prosecutors and investigators and, in many cases, get the charges against our clients dropped before they ever go to trial.

If trial proves unavoidable, our attorneys are skilled litigators experienced at mounting a comprehensive legal defense. A New Jersey white-collar crime attorney with Arseneault & Fassett, LLC has access to highly-qualified experts and investigators who can uncover compelling evidence in your favor.

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