New Jersey & New York Legal Defense

Firm Accomplishments

Many of our most notable achievements have involved avoiding criminal prosecutions or civil litigations altogether by persuading our adversaries not to pursue them or resolving them on favorable terms prior to filing. In prosecutions and lawsuits which were filed, our recent accomplishments include the following. Results may vary on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

  • Outright Dismissal
    17-Count State Criminal Indictment

    An outright dismissal of all charges in a 17-count state criminal indictment charging a police captain with official misconduct charges, coupled with a related civil resolution awarding back pay and full pension benefits.

  • Dismissed
    Abuse of Process, Tortious Interference, and Civil Conspiracy
    A unanimous Appellate Division panel affirmed the summary dismissal of tort claims against the CEO of a publicly-traded corporation alleging that the company had abused process and tortiously interfered with a competitor’s development project through multiple “sham” lawsuits.
  • Acquittal Of All Charges
    Billing Fraud

    An acquittal of all charges following a two-month jury trial under a state criminal indictment charging a corporate executive with billing fraud offenses.

  • Settled
    Federal Anti-Trust Civil Complaint

    A six-figure settlement of a federal civil complaint against a corporate supermarket owner stating eight-figure antitrust and tortious interference claims which were originally dismissed on motion and partially reinstated on appeal.

  • Immunity
    Federal Criminal Charges

    An immunity order for a labor official exposed to federal criminal charges.

  • Dismissed
    Federal Criminal Indictment

    Outright dismissal of a federal criminal indictment charging a police officer with false report offenses following a three-week trial which ended in a hung-jury mistrial.