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"Their staff is experienced and give you the best solution for your problem."

My experience with Arseneault & Fassett, LLC was exceptional: they were knowledgeable and professional. Their staff is experienced and give you the best solution for your problem. We were very satisfied with the outcome of our case. I would refer to everybody.

Charlize J.
      "I had discussed my brother cases with their professional team and they solved my problem."

      My brother was facing criminal charges which were a result of identity theft. My friend suggests me to contact Arseneault & Fassett, LLC. I had discussed my brother cases with their professional team and they solved my problem. My brother was released later that evening. Thanks!

      Mark J.
      "He brings many years of experience to the table"

      Jack Arseneault is an outstanding advocate towards any client! In my case, John was able to get me the results I was looking for. He brings many years of experience to the table, and his knowledge of law makes him the best at what he does. His sound legal mind, emotional intelligence and attention to detail has not only solidified his role as my attorney, but now is considered a dear friend of mine. Thank you for your compassion, responsiveness, and expertise when needed, you’re a true class act!

      Joseph F.
      "I wholeheartedly recommend Jack as your attorney!"

      Jack represented me in a criminal case brought by the State of New Jersey, Division of Justice, Corruption bureau. The OAG spent five years preparing their case, so when they declared my employer and I targets, I was truly naive about what would happen next. My family and I are forever thankful that we were blessed to find Jack.

      During our initial meeting, I told Jack that I was not guilty, and that I would never plea to some act I did not commit. Once we agreed on that, true to his character, Jack never asked me to consider one. We simply fought the state and won.

      Jack is a truly a master of his profession. The State provided access to over 50,000 cases of files, one case at a time. To be able to narrow the amount of evidence to what truly mattered in the case, and be able to defend my case so successfully is what makes Jack the best at his profession.

      Once my employer settled out financially, and was removed from the case, Jack took great care of my family and I. We would have been overwhelmed had he not taken us under his wing, and provided the leadership required, and emotional support when needed.

      I am happy to say that Jack and his team achieved not only the correct result, but the results we needed - six not guilty verdicts! We are forever thankful for his tireless work on my behalf, and I wholeheartedly recommend Jack as your attorney!

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      "No words to express his level of commitment and professionalism"

      My name is Vanyo Petrov Minkov and you can google me in order to check that this post is not fake. Jack Arseneault literally saved my life. I was facing from 120 months up to life and the only reason I got back home after 40 months was his. I have absolutely no words to express his level of commitment and professionalism. He cared for me like a son and our connection wasn't like attorney/client, it was more like a father/son. Every second on the court, he fought like for his own kid. I strongly recommend the services of this amazing character. In my humble opinion He is the best lawyer you can get ...

      Vanyo Minkov
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      "Big heart and empathetic spirit"

      Jack Arseneault was a beacon of hope to my family and I at a time when my options appeared limited back in 2011. I pretty much would of been behind bars without a doubt if it wasn’t for him. Not only was he able to defend and clear me of all charges, he made sure my record was cleared. His big heart and empathetic spirit offered us emotional support as well. He went over and beyond for us, he did things he didn’t have to do. He would always make time for me and till this day, he’s just a phone call away. I thank God for bringing him into our lives and I am ETERNALLY grateful for his service. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

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      "Jack is not only a great lawyer, but a great man"

      I hired Jack to defend me in a criminal case brought against me by the Federal Government. Jack worked tirelessly for me for over four years which resulted in a positive outcome that I believe would not have been achieved by any other lawyer.
      Jack is not only a great lawyer, but a great man. At no point during the extremely stressful process did I feel that Jack did not genuinely care about me. I don’t think that I can adequately write a review that expresses the amount of gratitude that I feel for the work that Jack Arseneault did on my behalf.

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      "A calm and empathetic demeanor"

      I cant be more pleased with the representation I was given by Mr Roberts. Mr Roberts gave me the satisfaction of knowing my matter was going to be handled competently and professionally. Not only did he defend me, he did it with a calm and empathetic demeanor. I am eternally grateful for his representation and recommend him without reservation.

      "The service provided was impeccable"

      Mr Roberts helped me with expungement and the service provided was impeccable. He gave me clear directions to follow to help speed things up. I recommend him for people who need help cleaning up their record and other services.

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      "Mr. Roberts was able to get me on probation"

      I was facing severe criminal charges and motor vehicle offenses. Mr. Roberts was able to get me on probation, also lower my chargers to a lesser offense. In the motor vehicle situation I was able to get fines with no points on my license.

      Categories: John J. Roberts
      "I was amazed at how quick my record was cleared"

      John Roberts worked quick and efficiently in getting my record expunged. I was amazed at how quick my record was cleared. Everything that was asked of him he was able to execute. I am grateful for his service. I would recommend him without any reservation

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      "Jack is one of the most selfless people I have ever met"

      Jack Arseneault is truly one of the good guys out there. A family man, straightforward, respectable, and trustworthy.

      He helped me immensely and is continuing to help me through a very tough and confusing time in my life. The legal system does not always give one the most ideal experience and it can take a great deal of time and focus to navigate through. I have felt the weight of this and Jack has helped lift that weight, made it the most pleasant experience it could possibly be, and guided me onto the right path. I have never once doubted that Jack, John, and their team had my back and will continue to do so. Jack is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and he took me under his wing even when he had barely known me when he first took on my case. For all they have done I will be forever grateful to him, John, and his team.

      P.S. his wife makes the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had.

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      "Aside from my wife, Jack may very well be the only person in my life that I truly trust"

      Jack Arseneault might very well be one of the best attorneys in the USA, however, he is by far a much better person than he is an attorney. He has been my attorney for over 25 years and not only has his counseling been amazing, but his care for the well-being of myself and my family has gone and continues to go above what anyone would expect from their attorney. Jack ALWAYS put my needs and my family's needs before his own and advised based on what was best for us as opposed to what would make him the most money. Aside from my wife, Jack may very well be the only person in my life that I truly trust and I am honored and privileged to not only call him my attorney, but more importantly one of my best friends.

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